• Local Backup NAS vs HDD
    Are you referring to target storage or backing up local disk vs NAS? If backing up, then there are differences like VSS, NTFS Permissions, etc. that are available for local disk but not NAS. If target then they are similar.
  • Incremental Backup Over Millions of Files Never Completes
    Have you opened a Support Ticket? If not, please do so from Tools - Diagnostic toolbar option so the Support team can review the logs.
  • Decryption of files without the client
    Would you mind explaining in a bit more detail why the Canadian Government needs to be able to decrypt files outside the software / services that encrypt them? Is there a Canadian regulation driving this? Any information would be helpful when I bring this requirement to the team. KMS Support for Managed Backup is currently under discussion.

    In the meantime, you have our Client-Side Encryption (AWS-256 which requires CloudBerry to decrypt) as well as Server-Side Encryption options offered on may cloud services (encryption-at-rest).

    I look forward to your reply.

  • Robot is disabled
    You seem to have multiple failures. This issue will be more easily handled by Support. Please use the Tools | Diagnostic toolbar option to send your logs to the CloudBerry Support Team for analysis. Thanks!
  • Copying file attributes
    I'll add the requirement, but if I'm honest, I'm doubtful since file attributes are a file system feature and not one relevant to cloud object storage.
  • Copying file attributes
    Looping back on your particular use case. I checked Simple Backup to see how it behaves and, as you saw during your tests, the file attributes are not applied to the backup files. This is primarily done because they are tracked elsewhere and the target could be (and most times is) cloud storage where files are stored as objects and not files within a file system.

    For your needs, I think a sync utility would work best. There are a number of them on the market for low cost and Windows 10 includes Sync Center to assist with this need. You can also use ROBOCOPY in Windows to perform a command-line sync between folders - and it includes a number of configurable command-line options.
  • Copying file attributes
    Sounds like you need Sync software that makes your target disk/folders look like the source. I see why you were looking at simple mode. Let me investigate further.
  • Copying file attributes
    Maybe it would help to understand your particular need for backup as I'm wondering if it's more about being able to access the files in the cloud. If that's the case, then using CloudBerry Drive might be a better solution. Either way, let us know. Thanks.
  • Copying file attributes
    The Hidden attribute is tracked in backup storage. You do not need to use the NTFS Permissions for this. If you restore the file, it will be restored as Hidden. I just tested this. I understand you're saying the file is not hidden in backup storage, but "hidden" is not an attribute of the backup file, but a property in the meta we store for files.
  • Wasabi 90 day retention billing
    Separate retention is coming in 6.0, I believe. GFS retention is also in the works for release later this year.
  • Decryption of files without the client
    Joey, that's not information we share in any way as it pertains to internal encryption methodologies. If you need to decrypt an encrypted backup outside of CloudBerry, then you may want to look into AWS KMS encryption which is managed by AWS and controlled by you. There is KMS encryption support in standalone CloudBerry Backup.
  • Wasabi 90 day retention billing
    If you like the cloud, but need fast restores at times, then using a Hybrid backup may be the solution as you'll have local backups in addition to cloud for fast recovery and disaster recovery.
  • Event ID's Always 0 / Zero on Cloudberry Windows Events
    Changes here are on the medium-term roadmap. I have added your name to the list of customers requesting Event ID changes and you'll be notified once those changes make it into the product.
  • Wasabi 90 day retention billing
    Agree with Tyson. If you have a lot of volatility in backup files in the first 90 Days, then using archive style storage is not the best option as there is normally a minimum retention period - in exchange for very low Per GB cost. Instead, using a service that either provides storage tiering so you can automatically move long term storage from a hot tier to a lower cost archive storage tier (we support that with AWS and Azure) or using a lower-cost cloud storage vendor for your hot data is probably best.
  • Connecting to VPN before the backup
    Great! Glad to hear this is resolved.
  • Connecting to VPN before the backup
    What account are you running CloudBerry Backup under?
  • Connecting to VPN before the backup
    Maybe you need to use the RunAs command to start the VPN under the correct user account in the Pre CMD script. My guess is it's a user rights issue. Could also be that the VPN is setting things up in the background and it's not ready by the time the script kicks off the backup. You could put a delay in the CMD to prevent it from returning immediately.
  • Need Help Downgrading
    I also reached out to Support to get in touch with you on the old ticket.
  • Need Help Downgrading
    Toby, this is something that Support can assist you with. If the new version doesn't work for you on XP (as XP is no longer supported) then I'd recommend you install the older version. You can reach out to support before or after for guidance on how best to proceed with the license. You can reach support from Tools - Diagnostic in the product or from the web site. Please reference this post when opening the ticket.
  • Few backup questions about retention
    When 6.0 is released (I do not have a release date yet, but we'll keep everyone posted), we will have an option to create different retention plans for cloud and local in a hybrid backup plan. For now, if you have different retention needs that must be enforced, then you'll need to create two separate backup plans: One for local and one for cloud.

    Regarding your retention settings:

    • You state you want to be able to restore the latest version (always) and keep all versions for up to 90 days. Use the following:
    • Delete versions older than: 90 Days from Modification Date
    • Check: Always keep the last version
    • Uncheck: Keep versions of each file
    • Your decision on: Delay Purge - using this will keep files you delete locally from being deleted in backup storage for the specified number of days (nice option in case you accidentally delete a file but need it restored the next day

    Note: To avoid any unanticipated changes, set retention in the backup plan itself - do not use the "Use Defaults" option in the backup plan.

David Gugick

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