• Tim
    There are numerous pricing models for backup software and services. Some are based on the storage used, either by computer or by the company in total. Others are based on the numbers and types of endpoints, the levels of service, the numbers and sizes of restores, and combinations of all of the above.

    Here at CloudBerry Lab we are looking at extending our current billing functionality to help our customers to easily implement different pricing models for different backup services.

    An MSP offering a premium backup and disaster recovery service with hybrid backups to both local and Amazon S3 storage, and restores to Amazon EC2 might decide to charge a monthly subscription plus a fee per GB of Amazon S3 storage and a fee for each restore. The same MSP might also offer a backup service for workstations with file backups to Amazon Glacier with a 100GB storage limit, and charge a flat monthly fee.

    CloudBerry’s MBS will enable IT service providers to configure billing items for different services, and associate these items with companies and computers.
    The billing process can then be automated and either integrate with PSA software, or directly generate invoices.

    As an added benefit, MSPs will have better visibility into the costs associated with storage and CloudBerry licenses, and the revenue generated by the backup services.

    Mockup of monthly cost and revenue report in CloudBerry MBS.

    Will this billing functionality be of use? Are we missing anything? I would love to get your feedback, either here on the forum, or via email to

    Best Regards
    Product Manager, CloudBerry Lab
  • SamCT
    I'm interested in this.
  • Karlsen
    I too am interested. I would like to see monthly subscription options for the agents with a volume discount based on those deployed. Currently if I add five more I don't get the discounts based on my total license count, plus it is now out of sync with all the other licenses.
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