• Tylan
    I use the MSP edition, and I normally set computers to stay awake. On my own office desktop I was wondering if there is any way to wake up Windows 10 for the backup and other CBB tasks to run. I know the Windows task scheduler has options for waking the computer, but I don't think CBB jobs are in there.

    Any suggestions?
  • Matt
    The backups software actually runs as as service, and by default the option to prevent the machine from sleeping is turned on, so you don't really have anything to worry about in that regard.
  • Tylan
    Hmm, I thought this setting only keeps the computer awake once the job starts. Mine is set the same. It sleeps and doesn't wake at midnight to run the job, but runs it when I log on to it in the morning.
  • Matt
    That's unusual. Maybe you're referring to hibernation, when PC save all the info to your hard drive and then "turns off". In that case the software won't be able to run.
  • John S
    I'm in the same boat as Tylan. If the computer is sleeping at the time of the scheduled backup, the backup job won't/doesn't wake the computer.
  • ds2
    Here also. For my understanding the mentioned option only prevents for sleeping during a jobrun but don't wake the machine for jobexecution.

    Also an option for prevent a User for shutdown during a jobrun is realy needed.
  • Matt

    Discussed this today with our developers, some improvements are on the way for this functionality.
  • Tylan
    I thought I replied to this... Definitely not hibernation. If this was a customer's computer I'd just set it not to sleep. However, we like to test on ourselves ;)

    I ended up just making a scheduled task that runs before the backup. The tasks wakes the computer by running "cmd /c". Works like a charm.
    I think I followed this for anyone else interested:
  • Minok
    Understand yours to be 'sleep' - I read in the Cloudberry Backup FAQ that the back will not run when the machine is asleep, as my home computer is want to be doing at 3am. So at present the only solution is to use the Windows 10 task scheduler to wake up the PC to 'do something' when the backup is due (and of course have the backup set to run as soon as the machine is awake).

    It would be nice if Cloudberry Backup could wake up the machine at a set time (the way Windows Update seems to do) and run its backup at the scheduled time, so us users don't have to know/remember to keep two separate things in sync (the backup job schedule, and the windows task scheduler wake up command). Even better if one could have Cloudberry wake up the Win10 PC to do the backup and then put it back to sleep immediately following, though the normal sleep settings would eventually kick in and put the machine to sleep.
  • Minok
    Well, this is still a problem. I don't use my desktop at home much - it dutifully goes to sleep after an hour of non-use. Thats fine.
    But as others have stated, the scheduled 3am backup service job doesn't run (computer asleep) and only kicks off when I next power up the machine. This means there are 2 problems:
    1) Nothing from my current days computer work will get backed up (as that the computer is asleep by 3am the next morning when its scheduled to run)
    2) When I DO use the computer the next time, then backup is running and using the very limited upload bandwidth as well as disk/cpu activity, while I'm in need of the computer.

    I've tried the approach found elsewhere on the internet to schedule a simple do-nothing task to wake up the computer - hoping that when that causes the machine to wake up the backup service will kick off - but so far unsuccessfully. Will have dig further into why that isn't succeeding.
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