• Donny Cannoy
    After careful consideration, we are using CB Drive to mount an S3 bucket on a Windows IIS server. The bucket mostly contains large assets, but also the occasional index.html file that needs to be in the same folder structure as the assets. If we publish an update to the index.html file directly to S3, IIS doesn't seem to detect the change and therefore doesn't instruct the client browser to request the updated index.html file, so the client browser uses the version it already has cached. Using a local storage location does not have this problem.

    I know there are many ways this could be handled - not looking for feedback on alternate solutions. My question is whether CB Drive can be set to update its cached ListBucket data more frequently so that IIS can detect the changes when performed directly on S3. Any ideas?
  • Sergey N
    Hello Donny,

    If i understood your use case correctly, than you can try disabling the cache in Drive by following the instruction below:

    - Click Drive tray icon and choose Options
    - Select a mapped drive and press Edit > Edit advanced options
    - Uncheck "Use file cache" option
    - Find the cache directory in Options > Advanced
    - Navigate to that directory with Windows Explorer and delete all its contents

    After that just create a simple scheduled batch file or Power Shell script that will create a 0 sized file on the Drive mounted to force it update the listing of the directory. There is no such feature yet available yet, however we may consider adding it in the future. Hope it helps and surely let me know if you require further assistance.
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