• Nicholas
    Good afternoon,

    Looking into CloudBerry as a potential solution to client backups, so I have signed up for a trial for CloudBerry MSP. The MSP page shows integration with cloud storage solutions, such as Amazon S3 and Glacier.

    After installing (from mspbackups or mbs.cloudberrylab.com, since both point to the same web server) the download under Downloads>Downloads>Backup for Windows: Download public version, I have been unable to find any integration with online services from within the installed program. I did select the Desktop/Server edition (not file backup). I have even tried the CLI, and I was met with "AmazonS3 is not a storage option" error.

    On a separate server, I installed the server backup trial, and I was happily met with the online storage options.

    I have noticed a slight difference in product names, "Online Backup" vs "Server Backup".

    I'm sure that I am doing something wrong, but is there a way to have the "Online Backup", which is connected to the mbs.cloudberry.com dashboard, to also have the features of "Server Backup", which contains the cloud storage options?

    Again, I apologize if this has been answered before here, or exists somewhere in documentation.


  • David GugickAccepted Answer
    Additional information in the online help: https://mbs.cloudberrylab.com/Admin/Help.aspx?c=Contents\help_get_started.html

    To clarify, storage is created and assigned to users in the MBS console and not the client.
  • Nicholas
    Thanks David, that makes more sense from a managed level. Although I wish I could just upload straight to glacier without a lifecycle rule. Thanks!
  • David Gugick
    We’ve been asked for this, mostly for the VaultLock functionality. There are some advantages moving the data with a lifecycle policy, like having immediate inventories of files, even for the Glacier transitioned ones. You can set up the lifecycle rules in Managed Backup. It’s not necessary that you do it from the AWS Console. Can you give us more details about your particular use case in wanting direct to Glacier uploads? Any info helps us understand our customer needs better. Thanks in advance!
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