• Justin
    I want to back up to a local NAS and a Backblaze bucket. This is about 4TB of a file server. Currently, I have a backup job that is a hybrid plan that has a

    * 1 day delete versions older than
    * keep 4 number of versions
    * Delay purge for 3 months

    I have TONS of local storage on my NAS so I can keep plenty of versions there but I probably shouldn't keep a ton of versions on my Backblaze bucket because they could cost more. My goal is to be able to restore the latest version of a file forever but keep only 90 days of the changes.

    1. Should I keep my backup job as a hybrid or should I create two jobs, one for the NAS and one for Backblaze?
    2. Are my retention policies decent? Any changes you would suggest?
  • David Gugick
    When 6.0 is released (I do not have a release date yet, but we'll keep everyone posted), we will have an option to create different retention plans for cloud and local in a hybrid backup plan. For now, if you have different retention needs that must be enforced, then you'll need to create two separate backup plans: One for local and one for cloud.

    Regarding your retention settings:

    • You state you want to be able to restore the latest version (always) and keep all versions for up to 90 days. Use the following:
    • Delete versions older than: 90 Days from Modification Date
    • Check: Always keep the last version
    • Uncheck: Keep versions of each file
    • Your decision on: Delay Purge - using this will keep files you delete locally from being deleted in backup storage for the specified number of days (nice option in case you accidentally delete a file but need it restored the next day

    Note: To avoid any unanticipated changes, set retention in the backup plan itself - do not use the "Use Defaults" option in the backup plan.
  • Justin
    Thank you for the information. I will probably just wait for 6.0 release so I don't have to redo all of the backups.
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