• Retention of full backups
    The 1TB of files is on a Windows server, but now that the CLoudberry Linux versions support block- level backup, the results would be the same.
  • Retention of full backups
    To answer your last question first: The purge occurs after the backup completes, so there needs to be enough space to contain two fulls plus the incremental. I run into this a lot when doing image or Hyper-V backups to the local hard drive but it is not a problem with file backups.
    A full file backup is only a backup of the files that had new incremental versions created during the month. So if you have a Quickbooks file that gets modified and backed up incrementally 20 times in the month, the full backup will simply include the entire QB file again. We have over 1TB of data with over a million files and the monthly "full backup" is only about 50GB in size. That is because only a small percentage of the files on the server actually change during any given month. Files that don't change only get backed up once and never again.
    So I would recommend using a custom policy setting and specify 30 days retention plus 30 days retention of deleted files. The previous month's full + 29 incrementals won't get purged until 30 days from the date of the last daily incremental, but the space consumed by keeping this number of fulls and incrementals sghould not be a problem.

  • Unfinished Large Files
    We gave up on B2 precisely for this reason. I find that Google Coldline is much faster and more reliable than B2 and is only $0.007 /GB/Mo. Data has to be kept for 90 days to avoid early deletion charges, but that is our standard retention period anyway.
  • Reporting improvement -- collecting your feedback
    Another feature that would be useful would be the ability to search all backups across clients for particular file names/types. For example, we want to be able to use Cloudberry to determine if we have any active snapshots of HyperV machines. If we could search for *.avhdx across all backups it would be great.
  • Refreshing Storage Tab
    Thanks for the replies - I would just like to know what is actually happening during the refresh of the Storage Tab? Is it doing a repository sync of all of the storage accounts for that customer, or just the account that I clicked on to refresh? Or is it not doing a full repository sync, but just an update?
  • Reporting improvement -- collecting your feedback
    Glad to hear that you are working o improvements to the reporting in MBS.
    Top priority is being able to have the system produce a periodic (wkly, mthly annual) summary for each client/company with the following:
    - Total plans run
    - Total number of failures/completed with warning
    - Pctg success
    - Historical graph/reports of the above stats over time - summarized by month
    Since so many of the errors fall into just a few categories it would be nice (though not essential) to have a summary of number of failures for each type:
    - Files could not be found/could not access files/permissions
    - VSS Writer in invalid state
    - unable to reach MBS website
    - other

    Another important feature would be for us to get the reports separated by Back-end storage account.
    We backup to local drive, Amazon, and Google, but we only report failures to customers if the Amazon backup fails, so we would want to have the option to only include the Amazon stats in the report, or to have it generate a separate report for each backend account - (lump all Local into one report).

    The idea is to provide a summary to the customer but to also have the detail available. We would want to be able to send the summary reports via email to our clients.
    He is a link from one of your integration partner's website that shows one type of backup summary:.
  • "Searching for modified files, please wait..."
    We backup a server with over 1 million files, totalling over 3 TB, to both Amazon S3 and to Google Nearline each night. Each backup job takes 30-40 minutes to complete each night. Not sure why your block level backups are taking so long to complete. What kind of server are you running on?
  • Custom Email Templates for Backup Notifications
    I too have been trying to change the customer email notification - to modify the wording that says "files will be permanently deleted.." to something less scary to the clients. But when I change that wording (and also changed to Plan name as mentioned above), the email subject does not contain the status of the backup - It used to say "Success" or ... WITH WARNINGS" Now it just says "backup completed". Now I am sure that all I need to do is add a variable to the subject template in place of "backup complete" but seeing as I really have no idea of the proper syntax, it is easier to ask an expert.

Steve Putnam

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