• Here are our plans. What else do you want to be added?
    Thanks , understood you. I won't promise any ETA just yet, but this is one of the directions we consider for the future development of Backup for Linux. I've added your request to the list as well
  • Here are our plans. What else do you want to be added?
    excuse my bad wording, I mean is it VMware VMs you'd like to backup or anything else (Xen, for example, or Hyper-V)
  • Here are our plans. What else do you want to be added?
    Hi . Do you mean VMware backup or any other vendor? Just to have better understanding of your request
  • change name in drop down
    Hi , currently it can be done by "forgetting" the computer and "learning" it again.
    You can, however, edit the config file manually and change the name to whatever else:
    - Make sure Remote Assistant is closed.
    - Open %ProgramData%\CloudBerryLab\CloudBerry Remote Assistant\RaSettings.xml with Notepad or something similar.
    - Find the <ServersList> section and change <ComputerName> values for any machines.
    - Make sure to save the changes before checking in the app.

    As a better solution we will probably add the Edit button to the list in one of the future updates.
  • Scaling issues
    Hi there.
    Most likely it's not something you've done wrong but rather a problem of the Remote Assistant.
    Does it behave the same in windowed (not scaled) mode? Just to specify the issue.

    Also, please use Menu > Diagnostic > Send from the Host machine (the one you connect to) to send us some diagnostic info - please refer to this forum thread so we don't lose it.

    Thanks in advance
  • Using VSS to backup an active pst file from Ubuntu
    Hello . Ubuntu (and AFAIK any other Linux distro) doesn't have a snapshot mechanism and cannot use VSS.

    What might help in your case is to pause the VM, copy the .pst elsewhere on the disk, un-pause the VM and then casually back up the .pst file.

    Please give it a try - once, manually - and let me know whether this works for you.

    There's a feature we are going to add in a couple of months that would help to automate this, I'd just like to understand whether this is the solution for you or not
  • Fastest configuration for a cloud restore
    Hi . Well if you store backups at Amazon S3 then to restore to an EC2 instance would take MUCH shorter time because the data doesn't need to leave Amazon network. Same with Azure storage and Azure VM platform. Obviously, the 2 storage providers cost more than B2, but that's where you need to find your balance between RTO and costs.
  • Cloudberry Mac Chokes and Fails on Quicken Files
    Hi , this issue should be treated by our Support Team. Please use Feedback > Send to provide them with the diagnostic info they will need. Please refer to this forum thread and add the same description as above. Thank you for understanding.
  • Remote assistant linux
    Hi , thanks for posting this. Personally I can't wait us making a Linux version. However, we've made a decision to postpone that for now until we polish the other mechanisms in the Windows version (that is available on our main website) and the Mac version (that is in the development nowadays).

    If you could list the requirements to it, it would be extremely useful for us.
    Having a direct comparison with a competitor solution is also good.
  • Here are our plans. What else do you want to be added?
    , thanks for being frank, we are officially sorry to have failed your expectations.
  • Here are our plans. What else do you want to be added?
    I would love to see an official docker image. I am finding it is really easy to manage and upgrade docker containers. They also run well even in small servers like my Intel NUC which currently running four, soon to be five containers.M Prindle

    I know you know about it, but for those who don't - here's someone not related to CloudBerry who has created this. It might be helpful.

    We in CloudBerry do not have plans to support an official docker image - but this will probably change in the future, when the product grows to the maturity it needs for the big time.
  • Here are our plans. What else do you want to be added?
    I guess it should be available Q3 or Q4 this year - but that is only a guess just yet, it's too early to bring any serious estimations.
  • Here are our plans. What else do you want to be added?
    unfortunately, there's been a change of plans. Currently our Backup for Windows team is preparing to launch a huge revamp to their Archive Mode backup, after that we'll re-use that in Backup for Linux. Since the backups are basically one archive - no information can possibly be collected from file names.
    Yes, it will take longer than if we had implemented what we have for file name encryption in Backup for Windows. That is a development decision we've made. Apologies for any inconvenience it may have caused.
  • Established, waiting for incoming data...
    , thanks for the update, nice to hear it works fine now!
  • unatended acess not working
    , nice to hear that!
    Please reopen your support ticket #161012 if the issue occurs again.
  • unatended acess not working
    , thanks.
    We're investigating, but it seems you can make it work if you disable "Allow direct internet connections".
  • unatended acess not working
    , we'll need diagnostic info from the application, please use Menu > Diagnostic > Send to support, mention this thread in the description so it's not lost. Thanks in advance
  • Established, waiting for incoming data...
    Hi , enable encryption and Unattended Access on the remote computer side, pass the encryption key to the client side and connect.

    If that doesn't help, we'll need the diagnostic info to tell the reason.
    Please navigate Menu > Diagnostic, add the same description and press "Send to support".
    It will automatically open a support ticket for you, you should get an automatic email response
  • Linux server backup skips some files
    , just go to https://myip:port

    You might also want to assign a domain name that would stand for that IP - for example, on your DNS server - that can be done outside of CloudBerry Backup