• Release notes for version
    Hi , sorry I was travelling last week. It's not the full release notes, but check out this thread for news
  • Image-based backup for Linux
    Hi , we are working on it. I won't promise any precise date just yet, but I'd expect it during the Spring of 2019.
  • Unattended access failed - user credentials invalid
    Sorry for the delay. No ideas right away. Please do the following on both computers: Menu > Diagnostics > Send to support. Please refer to this thread and specify whether each machine is the remote host or the client.

    Thanks in advance
  • Launching RA from KeePass
    Hello , we are going to publish an update in a week or so that can do something similar. We've chosen to make a CLI to RA. I believe KeePass can handle this?

    The syntax will be as follows
    The syntax will be as follows

    > "CloudBerry Remote Assistant.exe" activateLicense -e -f
    This will activate a freeware license for the email address given.

    > "CloudBerry Remote Assistant.exe" configGeneralAccess
    This will generate a link for attended (or "general") access

    > "CloudBerry Remote Assistant.exe" configUnattendedAccess
    This will enable encryption and unattended access and generate a long link, you will probably need to save it on your side somewhere; the link includes all the parameters at once.
    Executing the command multiple times does not re-generate the encryption key.

    > "CloudBerry Remote Assistant.exe" "$link"
    This will establish connection with the given link (it can work with attended access as well); make sure to keep the link "in the quotes" to escape the slash characters it contains.

    Generally, to connect from machine B to machine A you would run "CloudBerry Remote Assistant.exe" configUnattendedAccess on the machine A, then "CloudBerry Remote Assistant.exe" "$link" on the machine B.
  • Web Interface not working
    Hello , well that's not the expected behavior.
    You might want to try this to make sure the web page is available:
    curl localhost:43210

    Otherwise, check if there were any updates to your firewall rules - just in case.

    If neither helps, I'd recommend to open a support ticket - use the [Feedback > Send] in GUI or [./cbb sendLog] in CLI.
  • slow connection to remote machine - lag
    , I'll send you a link shortly in the support ticket you have with us.
  • Unattended access failed - user credentials invalid
    Hi . It's usually more efficient to contact but since it's a somewhat common issue, I'll gladly answer here.

    I assume you are trying to connect to a Windows 10 (or Server 2016) machine

    One of the latest updates to Windows 10 breaks authentication to a remote host in case some fields about the user are not filled.
    There's an article about it (, and this is a quote from it:

    The problem is caused by missing registry entries in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion, specifically: RegisteredOwner and RegisteredOrganization the Registry Editor by pressing Windows R and typing regedit.exe . Browse to the location above

    Just right click on the CurrentVersion in the Registry Editor and select New > String Value. After you add each entry ( RegisteredOwner and RegisteredOrganization ) edit their values. You can use your username and company name respectively.

    Please follow the instructions from the article, it should resolve the issue once and for all. It will suffice if you enter "sdfsdf" or anything similar to both fields.

    Let me know whether the issue persists after that or not.
  • slow connection to remote machine - lag
    Hello . As stated in the ticket, that's most likely caused by the current architecture of Remote Assistant - the connections are not direct, all data goes (encrypted) over our servers.
    We currently run internal tests for the direct connection, so it's very likely we'll publish it soon. How soon - this will depend on how the tests go
  • Access Denied Error on CMB CentOS 7
    Hi . There's a button that will lead you from the sidepanel straight to Backup History - see the screenshot below.
    You might need to adjust the filters to make sure the right info is displayed

    Most likely the backup plan is running on behalf of a user who is not allowed to read the backup data.

    A plan will run with the permissions of the user who owns the plan configuration file - they are located at /opt/local/"product name"/etc/plans. You might want to change the ownership and try again.

    If that does not help, please send the diagnostics as shown on the screenshot below
    This will automatically open a support ticket
  • Keypair instead of Pin
    Hi . With Unattended Access configured you don't have to use the PIN (although it is available as an option). It's the buttons that look confusing - there's actually the little arrow button (or just press Enter) that starts connection without PIN.

    We will change how the buttons look in the future updates, sorry for the inconvenience
  • Browsing mount points with autofs in Ubuntu 18.04
    Hi there.

    It is likely that the mount point is not actually mounted until you "cd" into it or "touch" a file within.

    Please try this in your cron command:
    - ls /path/to/the/mount/point > ~/cbb-ls-before-touch.txt
    - touch /file/in/the/mount/point
    - ls /path/to/the/mount/point > ~/cbb-ls-after-touch.txt

    Please let me know the result.
  • Snowball Backup to AWS using Mac Client
    , CloudBerry doesn't use such tags, but it does create a specific folder structure within the cloud storage - so no, unfortunately the data will not be recognized as "valid data".
    If there's just several large files you can actually recreate the folder structure manually - but I bet there's thousands of them, and this will make it a nightmare.
  • Snowball Backup to AWS using Mac Client
    Hello . This is possible if you use Snowball Edge (and not possible if you use the older version of Snowball).

    1. Just create a new storage account of "S3 compatible" type and back up your data there.
    2. Then when the data is delivered to Amazon and uploaded to S3, you will need to re-synchronize the storage account that points to Amazon S3.
    3. After that you should be able to continue incremental upload straight to S3.

    Should you have any difficulties or questions in the process - feel free to drop me an email to and I will make sure you get the answers.
  • How do I set up a full backup on Cloudberry Backup?
    , yep, Remote Deploy is the best way to go.

    I had assumed that was the way it was supposed to work across the boardMatt J
    We're working on it. Unfortunately, it's not me to make such decisions in Backup for Windows - but with every customer request, including yours, it becomes closer and closer!

    Anyway, my pleasure. If you have unrelated suggestions/questions - feel free to start a new thread or post into an existing one, I try to monitor this Forum daily.
  • How do I set up a full backup on Cloudberry Backup?
    , let me try to explain it better. I've also edited the post you refer to to make it clearer.

    What works different: retention of old backups if "Keep number of versions" is enabled.
    What works the same way: everything else.

    So say I have a daily backup setup, 1 full and 6 block levels a week, what would I have to set this to in Windows to keep 3 fulls? 14 versions? Or 20 versions? Or would they accomplish the same thing if all backups ran according to schedule?
    This is exactly why it's implemented in a different way in Backup for Linux. It's hard to understand, and for no good reason.

    In Backup for Windows to have 3 Fulls with 1 Full and 6 Blocks a week you would need to set 20 versions.
    In Backup for Linux you would need to set 3 versions (3 Fulls, basically).
  • Newbie Here. Trouble viewing entire desktop of remote PC and question about menus
    Hi . For the first thing there's a button for Scaled Mode at the right hand of the Chat button in the top panel. What it does is literally fit the big screen from the remote side to the smaller screen of your monitor.

    For the second thing there's that pin button at the left end of both top panel (the black one) and bottom panel (the white one). It hides the top panel when the mouse is not over it. With the bottom panel it's not as beautiful in the released version of Remote Assistant - but with the next update we'll make it as smooth.

    Hope it helps! Let me know if there's anything else you found no obvious
  • Session pauses when running a setup program,
    Hello , we will need some more information from your side. Please use Menu > Diagnostics > Send to provide our Support Team with the required info. Please mention this forum thread in description so we can relate it.
    Thanks in advance!
  • CBB Closes on Ubuntu 18.04
    I can't find your ticket, could you please share its number?
  • High CPU
    , thanks for the screenshot (is it OK that I reposted it here?), but that alone is not enough. What I can see now is: CPU usage is higher than expected. Nothing else.

    The diagnostic info contains the log which would tell us what exactly the app was doing second by second, it also contains a brief hardware and software overview (such as .NET Framework version, not the list of all installed applications).
    We need this information to understand which are the conditions when this may occur.
    With the screenshot only there's simply not enough information.

    Thanks for understanding.
    Please use "Menu > Diagnostics > Send" and add a note about this thread in the description.