• Warning access to one or more backup paths is denied
    It's a known problem when using hybrid plans caused by files with the same modification date. Should be fixed in June. As a workaround you can use 2 separate plans instead of a hybrid one.
  • Backup to Google Storage running very slowly
    Couldn't find any info on that on the net, but it shouldn't cause any problems, as far as I'm aware.
  • Backup services stopping
    This might require attention of our devs. Make sure you're on version 6.0.2 and send us logs via tools > diagnostic menu. Add link to this thread in the issue description so the ticket can be transferred to me.
  • Searching for modified files is very very slow

    In all cases like that it's best to contact support, since there could be several reasons for such things to happen(spike of I/O activity the disk caused by some other process, for example).
  • Backup to Google Storage running very slowly
    Glad to know that things got back to normal. Most likely that was just a temporary problem on Google's side.
  • Backup to Google Storage running very slowly
    Ouch, that makes things complicated. Even our support department would advise you to update if you create a ticket, but that will most likely "break" your installation without clean reinstall. Besides, if you're using the software on Server 2003/Xp, we've stopped support for these systems.

    Here's what I propose: if possible, send us diagnostic logs via tools > diagnostic menu and specifically mention that these logs are for Matt and also paste the link to this thread in the issue description. The ticket will then be transferred to me and I'll see if I can help you with your problem.
  • Backup to Google Storage running very slowly
    May be a repository problem that some of our users experienced recently. Make sure you're on version 6.0.2, synchronize repository via tools > options > repository, and if the issue persists send us diagnostic logs via tools > diagnostic menu.
  • I have a problem and I do not know how to solve it, can someone help me?
    db ots Is right here, you need to make sure that our portal is reachable from that machine.
    Here's an article that might help
  • malicious and accidental deletions
    As I mentioned, I'll bring these points to the head of our R&D, the meeting will be next Wednesday, will have an update by the 23rd.
  • How to check which files are uploaded on incremental backup
    According to our bug-tracker that's a known issue. I'll add you to the list of people to be notified upon the fix being released and request update from our R&D. Let's continue communication in the recently created support ticket.
  • No email notifications
    Re-sent activation email from our side. Check your spam folder, according to our monitoring tools these messages are sent correctly.
  • After restore > lot of files ending with %3Aacl
    Yeah, it's a known bug, escalated the ticket to our developers. If anyone observes the same behavior during NTFS permissions restoration please send us diagnostic logs to speed up the process of fixing the problem.
  • Cloudberry Explorer Duplicates Drivers
    They're not duplicated per se, we just introduced new universal delimiter for backups starting from version 6.0, nothing will change in terms of functionality or performance of the software.
    This change allows to migrate local/cloud backups effortlessly without performing any changes to the data itself. Snowball import is also much more streamlined due to these changes.
  • ERROR: disk I/O error, backups not running
    Might be a repository corruption. Can you send me the ticket number via PM?
  • After restore > lot of files ending with %3Aacl
    Looks like a known problem, will be waiting for the logs in our ticket system to investigate further and confirm that.
  • malicious and accidental deletions
    GUI can be disabled altogether and you'd actually need to know what to do to achieve these results. Some improvements are on the way regarding that and I'm going to bring this up to our R&D's attention.
    Technically, if the system is breached, nothing is really safe, so separate security investments are the best way to be safe in the modern world.
  • malicious and accidental deletions
    If you try to delete file name encrypted files via CLI the software simply will not do that, GUI is required to delete such files.

    Regarding the rest of your questions:
    1) Image-based/VM backups can't be deleted via CLI, so you should be safe here.

    2) You can read about our encryption mechanism here
    There's too much info to simply copy and paste everything in the thread, so that should actually answer all your questions

    3) Not really, and brute-forcing hash is not a smart idea.

    Hope that this info helps in making your setup more secure.
  • malicious and accidental deletions

    You can use file name encryption for your file backups, so that when you try to delete these files you need to provide a decryption password. Such files can't be deleted via CLI.

    As for the choice of storage, S3 would be the most optimal one in terms of security across the board.
  • malicious and accidental deletions
    Yeah, sorry, I was only referring to account deletion.
    Checked out issues tracker and the option to disable CLI commands for rebranding is already in the works.
  • Seeding Image Based Backup
    Yes, synthetic full won't work even with Glacier storage class due to API limitations, but we're working on that.