• New version
    I have been trying the new version. The LAN Direct connection works nicely for other computers on the network, even via VAN. I still see one major issue, from before and a new issue. The previous issue is the problem of being disconnected when logging out of a computer profile. Sometimes I want to log out of one profile, such as admin, and log into another, such as user. But, when I log off of the first I get disconnected requiring reconnecting before I can continue. The second issue seems to be a new issue that I never saw prior to this version. If I lock a user profile then log back in, sometimes the screen is blank. Moving my mouse around on the screen appears to 'repaint' the icons and other items that should be there. Still, this is a great program and I love using it since another project keeps thinking I am a business user and limits my connection time to a useless amount of time. Thank you for this product and moving it forward.
  • Help us choose the next big feature
    This version of Remote Assistant came at the perfect time as Teamviewer seems to be eliminating support for their free service. This product works great. Some suggestions. 1. Support for multiple sessions, 2. Allow keeping remote desktop wallpaper (sometimes remote computer is left with a black screen after disconnect), 3. Allow ability to type in folder address for download directory without browsing as network drives are not always available via browsing, 4. Allow logoff on remote machine without disconnecting session, 5. Allow way to copy remote computer list to another computer without manually entering all of the access info again, 6. A remote computer has a hiding taskbar can only access the task bar when in full screen mode. Great product and allowing this to be used as freeware is very impressive and much appreciated!

Craig Larsen

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