• No block-level backup for mac?

    CloudBerry Backup 2.5.1 for macOS with Block-level backup support was just released. Check out for more details:
  • Google Cloud Storage Versioning

    That feature is not implemented yet. I'll add your request and we will notify you as soon as the feature is out.
  • flush operation is not support in read mode problem
    as an error might be caused by several issues, we will strongly advise you to send logs to our support team as advised by andy previously.
  • WebDav
    these are quite old, problematic technologies.

    We've been supporting ftp/sftp years ago and it was such a pain for the whole team, we've left support as-is.
  • WebDav

    We don't support WebDAV. I'll add your request to our feature map for possible consideration. I would not expect, though, that this feature will be out soon.
  • Advice on LRS or RA-GRS for Azure Storage
    I've heard of B2, but never looked much into it. I'll have a look at it .sanferno

    They gain a lot of attention and expand rather quickly, now aiming at SMB market and, quite frankly, owning it)

    Apart from that they are more or less equal to my needs. Could you share your opinion on this?sanferno

    I will sound quite general, sorry for that.

    However, I believe, that everything really depends on:

    1. The use-case. If their offers fit your needs, then why choosing a completely different platform?
    2. The infrastructure. If you, your organisation or your environment mostly interact with Azure services.
    3. The aim and purpose. If you are aimed towards learning Microsoft Azure (which is the second biggest cloud vendor in the world, right after AWS), then Azure it is. Microsoft is reportedly investing quite hard into their cloud solutions.

    but it hasn’t the offering for dev/test Windows EC2 instances.sanferno

    Have you ever checked with AWS Free Tier program: ?
    They're running free 750 hours/month of EC2 on Windows t2.Micro and Linux right now. This is for 12 months only, but might be interesting.

    It's not I'm trying to convert you to AWS, though. If, as I've said, you are into Azure, then it's better to expert Azure and only then move to AWS )
  • Advice on LRS or RA-GRS for Azure Storage

    what would you suggest me to do, using LRS or RA-GRS?sanferno

    For the given situation, I'd say that LRS will be enough (you don't need to meet any SLA's, right?). You still have your local copies and chances, that your drive AND BDs are destroyed at the same time as the whole Microsoft data center is quite low (minimal actually).

    While we are on the topic of prices, have you considered BackBlaze B2 for the cloud solution? They are cheaper/better suited for home usage. They don't offer such feature diversity as Microsoft, but if we are talking data storage-wise, it'd been my choice.
  • restore image EC2
    please, report to our support team sending the logs via the application
  • Hybrid Backup Flawed?
    This is indeed an issue. The repository sync works for missing local files, but not cloud ones.
    We will update the topic when the issue is fixed.
  • Cannot see my Glacier vault, cannot seem to upload anything

    >When I click on the Backup Storage tab I can see the vault I specified, but when I click the dropdown box to show the files all i get is a circling Retrieving Data, it never ever shows any files. I've tried refreshing but its the same.

    If you want to utilize Glacier as a production storage - I'd recommend you to set up S3-Glacier lifecycle move. It won't be much more expensive, but your inventory will be updated ASAP, as the files would first get into the S3 bucket and after that will change their storage class to Glacier instead of getting to the vault. I'd recommend you that article for consideration:

    I'd just like to add that you can leverage Backblaze or Wasabi as your storage solution. They are a bit more expensive to store data in, but they are way simpler for non-enterprise sized solutions.
  • install options
    thanks, James. I've added you as well.
  • RAID Restore and Bootable USB

    RAID will be restored as a usual volume.
    Regarding the drivers - drivers from the given Windows will be automatically added to the bootable usb. There is an option to add additional drivers. Check the picture attached
    Capture (30K)
  • System State Backup option disappeared?

    There might've been some misunderstanding. We've included the image-based/system state capabilities to our PRO desktop version. Just click image-based and on the step "select partitions" there will be an option to select only the system needed partitions.
    The url is actually correct, there is some issue with the actual bucket name (it might contain a dot or something).
    As we don't know the actual name of the bucket, we cannot say what's the real issue (just don't send us one, privacy)
  • Backups on AWS Glacier

    If you have used lifecycle - then your files will simply change their class from S3 to Glacier but will remain in your S3 bucket.
  • Backup that is like a mirror

    Yes. In that case, all your files will have one copy, they will be backed up once and upon the change - only blocks will be backed up, not the whole files.
    They will be backed up once again only when the next full backup will commence.
    The previous version+all blocks will be deleted after that.
  • Backup that is like a mirror

    To get rid of the unnecessary deletions please:
    1. Disable an option to delete version older than the given modification time
    2. Schedule full backup to run from time to time

    With that files will be re-uploaded only when there is a new full backup coming up.
  • Slow Azure Image Recovery
    I've notified the support team. They will get back to you shortly.
  • restore image EC2
    thanks for the feedback, our support team (if notified) will escalate and test that issue to create a permanent fix.

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